Current Available Positions: Electronics Repair and Data Recovery

Cleveland, Ohio, United States


We are currently looking for experienced Electronics Repair and Data Recovery Engineer, who possess a profound understanding of electronics theory and modern data recovery processes.

Basic Qualifications:
• 2 years of experience recommended
• Degree in Electrical / Electronic Engineering recommended
• Desire to succeed in a fast paced environment
• Excellent communication skills
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel
• In-depth knowledge of electronic circuit componentry and theory
• Ability to work independently and also within a TEAM
• Excellent attention to detail and accuracy
• Ability to operate a PC and input data
• Excellent organizational skills
• Strong verbal communication skills
• Ability to sit for long periods of time

Electronics Repair Position Preferred Qualifications:
• Qualified applicants will possess solid electronics knowledge with the ability to diagnose and repair microprocessor based PC logic boards to the component level.
• Candidates will be proficient with the use of standard electronic test equipment including DVM, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, and multi-meters.
• Directly related work experience building, testing, repairing and troubleshooting a variety of PC board brands is preferred.
• Excellent soldering skills using conventional equipment to perform through-hole and surface mount rework are required.
• BGA reflow and replacement, BGA re-balling experience is recommended.
• Must have technical ability to mechanically dismantle, test and assemble units with the ability to isolate and identify unusual symptoms and failures.
• Have an overall working skill with electronics.

Data Recovery Engineer Position Preferred Qualifications:
• Have experience repairing defective hard drives including read/write head replacements, platter motor replacements, PCB repair.
• Have experience in logical data recovery
• Have experience with and recovering data from various types of RAID arrays

If you are interested in joining our team please send a copy of your resume to our Human Resources Department

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