Data Security and Sanitization

Reliable data management programs that focus on secure transport, software sanitization and physical destruction protocols are key to meeting the requirements of data privacy and disposal legislation, including:

GLBA: Graham-Leach-Bliley Act
HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act
FCRA: Fair Credit Reporting Act
HITECH: Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act

Ascendtech is a leader in data storage device sanitization. Utilizing processes and technology developed by world-class storage engineers, Ascendtech’s processes exceed all published DOD and NIST standards. Today both large and small organizations must focus on asset security with the retirement of IT assets as complicated as the procurement of new technology. Every retired IT device poses a data security risk and potential environmental hazard.

Ascendtech’s equipment retirement processes ensure that each electronic device is processed securely. With a focus on secure chain-of-custody, Ascendtech is able to reduce the risks related to data security and the environmental liabilities associated with business equipment. Depending on our client’s risk tolerance, Ascendtech provides a portfolio of data-security and asset recovery solutions to meet all business requirements.

Working from Ascendtech’s proprietary risk assessment, our team performs an analysis of your current equipment retirement and disposition policies and compares them to documented best practices. The analysis is used in the creation of a recovery profile that acknowledges the good and identifies the gaps in the current process.

At no other time in history has so much data been collected and stored. The storage market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 39.4% through 2016 and this directly impacts customer data security policies. As technology become smarter and smaller, many more types of electronic business equipment are equipped with solid-state drives (SSD) and memory cards. Nowadays, sensitive data can hide in retired photocopiers, printers, smartphones, and video projection/display systems. That is why Ascendtech offers data security services focused on comprehensive data erasure and hard-drive destruction techniques. All data erasure is executed in strict accordance with DoD 5220.22-M and NIST SP800-88 standards.

All IT assets that pass testing are cleansed of corporate data and software through our Data Cleanse process:

• Hard drive is accessed through system BIOS
• Hard drive serial number, OEM, and model number are logged
• Hard drive partitions are removed
• Hard drive is overwritten with 1s, 0s, and a random character (i.e., three-pass process)
• Hard drive is repartitioned
• New partitions are formatted
• Hard drive is left with a boot prompt
• Log file is created and reviewed by area manager

Storage media that fails the Data Cleanse process are physically destroyed and the metals reclaimed by smelters and refiners.

Physical Destruction

For additional security, Ascendtech offers physical destruction of data-containing devices and media, including but not limited to hard drives, optical discs, magnetic media, and flash devices.

Our facilities are fully secured and under constant surveillance using high definition, digital camera systems. Ascendtech records each visitor and requires a signed waiver from each visitor to gain badged access. With no exception, all visitors are escorted through the processing areas by authorized staff.

Additionally, Ascendtech provides convenient, onsite destruction of media with destroyed materials securely transported to an Ascendtech processing facility for separation and metals recovery.

Ascendtech tracks each asset with a unique ID. Reporting, Certificates of Recycling, and all Purchase Orders are tied back to the unique ID. The customer receives a Certificate of Destruction and a detailed Disposition Report after the process is completed. Upon customer request, Ascendtech will provide visual confirmation of destruction through witnessed destruction (in person) or recorded/streaming video.

Data Destruction benefits at a glance:

• Secure
• Effective
• Efficient and Cost Effective
• Visual Evidence
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