Ascendtech Repair Solutions

Ascendtech Repair Solutions (ARS) offers depot repair and component level repair solutions on most technologies. Our strategic geographic location provides a cost advantage to OEM and Retail partners and leverages a strong and cost effective technical base. Ascendtech is committed to driving volume, reducing cost, and maximizing yield through a culture focused on key performance indicators, trends analysis, and managed metrics. Our scalable solutions deliver measurable results for both large and small batch programs.

Service is core to our business and we understand a very basic equation: higher yield = less cost.


Scalable solution
Broad technical and engineering capability
Predictable pricing models
Single point of return

Depot Repair

Ascendtech ARS offers comprehensive whole unit test, repair and refurbishment solutions for circuit board based products. Our qualified and certified technicians utilize our proprietary backbone to quickly and accurately diagnose and troubleshoot equipment failures.

Ascendtech provides a dynamic and flexible service solution to OEMs and Retailers for post-warranty support. Our team of repair professionals is dedicated to the highest level of quality and 100% customer satisfaction for each unit serviced. The Ascendtech lean process eliminates redundancy, increases efficiencies, and improves yield.

Ascendtech analyzes failure data to develop trends, predict yields, and plan parts. We share data with clients in order to reduce returns, improve customer satisfaction, and drive down reverse logistics costs.

Component Level Board Repair

Ascendtech repairs circuit board for a broad array of product types, from computer motherboards to set top boxes to telecommunications gear. Our ESD controlled environment reduces passive damage and ensures the long-life of Ascendtech certified products.

Ascendtech is not limited by legacy products; our technicians and engineers are capable of repairing products without schematics, OEM supplied materials, or supporting technical drawings or data. We use current generation equipment to diagnose PCB failures, isolate intermittent faults, and perform engineering changes. Ascendtech has complete surface mount and BGA capabilities, including x-ray and sectional analysis.

Our teams of skilled engineers provide failure analysis & perform engineering studies on all product categories. Our investment in engineering expertise, equipment, and lean operations provides industry-leading turn-times at the highest quality levels for our valued clients. Ascendtech is the clear choice for an efficient and cost-effective component level board repair solution.


Ascendtech provides advanced Level 1 screening services. Ascendtech will receive, test, and clean product, create custom packaging, and kit product for direct shipment to consumers globally.


Our process and technical engineers develop standard test protocols for IT and consumer products, including desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, mobile devices, networking, flat panel devices, POS equipment, and audio/video equipment. Product quality is above 99.9% and we offer warranties from 30 to 180 days on spare parts and systems.


Ascendtech is a market leader and market maker for direct to consumer sales channels. We drive value through direct supply of parts to the service and repair markets, end-users, and OEMs.
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