Ascendtech Overview

At Ascendtech, we recognize that we earn the right to be your first choice – every day and with every order. Our goal is simple - be the top reverse logistics and supply chain partner for your company. Our team is driven by four principles: 1) inspire the will to win; 2) show excellent judgment; 3) demonstrate unwavering integrity; 4) remember the customer. We believe that one partner, the right partner, can meet all your supply chain needs.

Ascendtech creates scalable supply chain solutions that encompass returns management, electronics test and repair, remanufacturing, service and spare parts fulfillment, global remarketing, warehousing, analytics, and responsible recycling.

Since 2002, Ascendtech has focused on the 4R’s of technology returns – repair, redeployment, remarketing, and recycling. The addition of additional services, including asset recovery, RMA management, and custom sales channels, has allowed Ascendtech to be a featured partner to OEMs, ODMs, ECMs, and Retailers. We have built strong relationships with a global supply base, but our singular focus on customer service is what defines Ascendtech.

We are a relationship company, driven by simple principles and guided by the diverse experiences of our leadership team. The team is composed of the best in each respective area – sales, supply chain, engineering, procurement, distribution, logistics, and direct to user marketing. The Ascendtech team delivers results because failure is never an option.

We are proud of who we are, the company we have built, and the clients we serve. We are the right partner for you.

Core Strengths

Ascendtech is an engineering company at its core. Our technical expertise in advanced component level repair, our investment in people and equipment, and our quantifiable results ensure that customers receive the highest quality products. Our technical expertise positions Ascendtech as a leader in the distribution of original replacement parts to serve the Consumer Electronics, IT, PC, Test, Medical and Appliance markets. Leading retailers, independent dealers, rental and repair organizations, and end-users count on Ascendtech’s class leading order fulfillment rates. We stock in excess of 150,000 SKUs and manage an advanced inventory system that provides accurate cross referencing, real-time stock levels, and leverages a pick system to ensure same day shipment of critical parts. The end result is simple – our systems and expertise reduce the total cost of supporting users!

The Ascendtech Difference  
Product Variety
Product Knowledge
Product Quality

Product Pricing
Product Distribution
150,000 Plus SKUs ready for shipment – we stock when others shop!
Dedicated team of product specialists to ensure the right part is shipped.
High quality new and refurbished products, all backed by our class leading warranty!
Global reach and purchasing power provides value pricing to all customers.
Direct shipments from an Ascendtech warehouse ensures on time fulfillment.
Technical Difference  
Component Level Board Repair
Whole Unit Repair
Testing & Failure Analysis

Technical Support

Advanced Exchange
Advanced SMT and BGA repairs to PC, IT, CE, and Industrial equipment.
Expedited Same Unit repair for PC and CE products.
Engineering analysis to reduce field returns and improve customer experience.
Dedicated resources for installation, maintenance, and advanced trouble shooting.
Manage advanced spare parts shipments, RMA and collection, and repair service.


Ascendtech believes that high quality products are produced through the development, implementation, and monitoring of a quality process. Ascendtech’s quality management system (QMS) adheres to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ESD S20.20, and IDEA-STD-1010 standards and is committed to continuous process improvement.

Our quality commitment begins with the IDEA-STD-1010 standard published by the Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA). The standard is the first and leading quality standard for the visual inspection of electronic components and was designed as a technical resource to serve the electronic component industry regarding the detection of substandard and counterfeit components. Ascendtech’s experience and commitment to quality parts distribution provides peace of mind to customers when choosing the right partner for scalable supply chain solutions.

Supplier Management

Your supply chain requires quality products and Ascendtech believes that quality assurance starts with a commitment to sourcing quality products from trusted suppliers. Our vendor management program requires a precertification and prequalification process to ensure that all product is purchased from safe and reputable sources.

We prescreen supplier candidates based on a published set of guidelines, including: product quality, fulfillment capabilities and geographies, financial viability, and shipment dependability. Select suppliers will require a facility audit through an Ascendtech employee or contracted third party auditor.

Downstream Management

Ascendtech supports the hierarchal reuse of electronic equipment, but recognizes that not all items have a second life. For unusable product, Ascendtech manages a robust downstream partner network for the specialty recovery from electronics, plastics, and metals. The QEH&S Manager is responsible for qualifying prospective partners through a documentation and facility audit process. Ascendtech downstream partners are held to strict standards for collection, processing, shipping and disposition of end-of-life materials. At a minimum, Ascendtech downstream partners must be R2 (Responsible Recycling) or eSteward certified and utilize an automated system for mass balancing. Ascendtech requires all downstream partners to provide documentation to support processing to final disposition and awards additional merit to single tier partners.

Our clients benefit from our focus on creating a single point of return that incorporates repair, redistribution, and responsible recycling. Ascendtech is the right partner for scalable supply chain solutions.
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