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Our clients embody the best in key industries, including IT, Retail, Auto, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Higher Education, Federal Government and US Military. Our ability to offer quality products, robust services, and competitive pricing has been recognized by our clients in testimonials, but more importantly, in their continued patronage. We recognize that we are a company that must continuously improve, constantly exceed expectations, and communicate our views on the market, best practices, and technology changes.

We invite current and future clients to speak with our team, meet with our leadership, and tour our facility. Ascendtech of today exists because of our past successes and a desire to be the best partner for IT and Consumer products in North America.

Ascendtech recognizes that fast, prompt, and complete service is the only proven way to increase customer satisfaction. Below are a few of the recent client testimonials we've received from our data recovery division clients whom we've offered our safe and effective data recovery service.

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  • us army / saic
    raid 5 data recovery
  • city of yonkers
    new york
    lto tape recovery
  • cleveland metroparks
    law enforcement
    raid 5 data recovery
  • cleveland browns
    nfl football
    raid 5 server recovery
  • crew
    48-drive raid recovery
  • parkland hospital
    dallas texas
    raid 5 data recovery
  • matrix healthcare
    canton ohio
    raid 5 recovery
  • city of palmetto
    raid 5 server recovery
  • bella sara
    raid 10 / sql recovery
  • group eleven
    westerville ohio
    raid 5 array recovery
  • murtis taylor
    cleveland ohio
    raid 5 vmware recovery
  • parkson
    ft. lauderdale florida
    raid 5 crash recovery
  • pittston township ems
    multi hard disk failure
  • cecil marine & supply
    new jersey
    server recovery
  • portland oregon
    network server crash
    data recovery
  • cardio vascular
    miami florida
    hard drive failure
  • autism and music org.
    miami florida
    hard drive failure
  • wings beachware
    miami florida
    hard drive failure
  • community adult care
    miami florida
    hard drive failure
  • pottery as art
    bonita springs florida
    hard drive failure
  • jkj electric
    rockville maryland
    server data recovery
  • checkpoint
    new jersey
    raid 5 data recovery
  • goodwill industries
    server data recovery
  • bandwidth.com
    north carolina
    hard drive recovery
  • theresa kowalczyk
    hard disk damage
    cortland ohio
  • seagate
    dallas texas
    hdd recovery
  • motor failure
    hdd data recovery
  • bud industries
    phoenix arizona
    hard disk recovery
  • first presbyterian
    church in pennsylvania
    hdd recovery
  • west virginia radio
    west virginia
    hdd data recovery
  • audio visual innovations
    broadview heights ohio
    severely broken hdd
  • arbor healthcare
    gates mills ohio
    raid 5 server recovery
  • andrew may
    bay village ohio
    clicking hard drive
  • charles slysz
    tiffin ohio
    hard drive failure
  • cassandra eggers
    lyndhurst ohio
    hard drive crash
  • dan filip
    corrupted data
  • bryce sakamoto
    kyle texas
    damaged hard drive
  • craig pickering
    south carolina
    hdd crash
  • e-pro computer
    youngstown ohio
    crashed hard drive
  • grace bowers
    wadsworth ohio
    inaccessible hard drive
  • quiza management
    hdd data recovery
  • multimedia creation
    toledo ohio
    file system damage
  • lifecare of florida
    tamarac florida
    hdd failure
  • viktoryia malkova
    las vegas nevada
    water damage
  • ecotek
    hard disk failure
  • lyn pearson
    las cruces new mexico
    ext. hdd data recovery
  • salon ps
    cleveland ohio
    data recovery
  • pioneer wholesale
    berea ohio
    hard drive failure
  • william cotton
    houston texas
    data recovery
  • jane wilkinson
    carlock illinois
    hard drive dropped
  • hotrod signs
    peninsula ohio
    external hdd failure
  • helly einisman
    cleveland ohio
    external hdd failure
  • mario pisano
    mentor ohio
    hard drive crash
  • robert crews
    north olmsted ohio
    hard drive failure
  • ohio technical college
    cleveland ohio
    laptop hdd failure
  • health wagon
    wise virginia
    usb hard drive failed
  • informed land survey
    tacoma washington
    hdd failure
  • nisal wedding
    sri lanka
    dropped hard drive
  • rachel tudor
    monroe ohio
    laptop hdd failure
  • wojcik builders
    oakwood village ohio
    laptop hard disk failed
  • zero seven design
    mentor ohio
    external hdd failed
  • pioneer works
    houston texas
    external hdd failure
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