Asset Recovery & Reclamation

Ascendtech real world solutions can maximize recovery values by connecting underserved inventories with global consumers. We specialize in retail returns, distribution excess, EOL (End of Life) and product impacted by engineering changes or recalls. Ascendtech broad service offering allows OEM and Channel clients access to our direct to consumer sales channel unmatched in North America.

Large and regional organizations can benefit from Ascendtech asset recovery solutions. Our Investment Recovery Specialists provide your company with a framework to create sustainable programs for unsellable products. We offer test and certification, resale, and recycling programs to ensure that Ascendtech is the only partner for your reverse supply chain.

Our inventory management solution is collaborative and integrates with your existing reverse logistics software, allowing you to track key data points and design analytics focused on reducing turn times, increasing recovery rates, and driving down inventory losses.

Ascendtech is the right partner for Excess, Obsolete, and Liquidation components, parts, and systems. We work with OEMs, ODMs, ECMs, Retailers, Third Party Service Providers, and large Self Maintainers to facilitate inventory adjustments.

RightPurchase programs deliver:

Expedited Time to Market
Accelerated Financial Relief
Mitigated Risk for Client
RightPurchase is Ascendtech’s outright purchase program for stock balancing, customer returns, defective, and distressed returns. Clients benefit from rapid inventory turns, quick capitalization, and global channel management. If your business requires a partner to manage your risk profile, then Ascendtech is the right partner for you.
RightShare programs deliver:

Accelerated Financial Relief
Reduced Risk to Client
Unlimited Upside
RightShare programs offer clients the benefits of RightPurchase with the added financial benefits of a Revenue Share model. RightShare allows for initial financial relief from client inventory with additional revenue returned within 90 days of product receipt.
RightConsign (Margin Share) programs deliver:

Maximized Financial Recovery
Creative Market Management
Elimination of Channel Conflict
RightConsign delivers maximum financial results for clients through cascading recovery programs, including Product Remarketing, Component Harvesting, and EOL Recycling. For clients focused on omni-channel product returns, RightConsign programs from Ascendtech may provide the best solution for asset recovery.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Ascendtech IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions are part of Ascendtech corporation’s complete service solution. Operating as part of a unified organization, Ascendtech ITAD offers a full array of end-of-life IT Asset Disposition services, including:

• Secure Data Erasure & Destruction
• Forensic Data Recovery
• Test, Repair, and Recertification
• Parts Harvesting
• Global System and Parts Remarketing
• Donations and Redeployment
• Compliant IT Recycling
• Detailed Asset Reporting

Our scalable IT Asset Management and Disposal solutions leverage process, technology, applications, and customized remarketing solutions to deliver services focused on exceptional customer service and class leading results.

De-Installation and Asset Removal

We handle the logistics. Ascendtech certified technicians perform onsite hardware audits and de-installations for office and data center environments.

Asset Processing

We track each serialized asset. From time of receipt at the Ascendtech Reprocessing Center, your asset is tracked and audited through to final disposition. Our client-centric process focuses on mitigating risk – from removal of asset tags and client labels, to erasure of data-bearing devices – we maximize value while minimizing the inherent risks in asset disposition. When the process is complete, we provide a detailed Audit Report to release the assets from your balance sheet and demonstrate environmental responsibility.

Refurbishment, Repair & Remarketing

We maximize your return. Assets with market value are tested, graded and refurbished for resale. Assets that won’t meet a marketable cosmetic condition are demanufactured, the parts certified by technicians, and provided for resale. Ascendtech leverages our extensive direct to consumer channels for systems and parts to ensure maximum recovery value. In addition, Ascendtech provides gift-in-kind donations to named charities and employee purchase programs.

De-manufacturing & Recycling

We recycle. Products and parts that have no secondary market value are de-manufactured into homogenous commodities, aggregated and sent to approved, domestic recycling partners. Our processes are compliant with all applicable local, state, federal and international regulations and we maintain a robust QEHS program.
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